1.Where do you get your ideas?

This is the million-dollar question! The answer is rather elusive and remains a mystery even to me. Honestly, my ideas, (I prefer to call them inspirations) tend to come to me through an organic and imperceptible manner. I try not to analyze the mechanics of inspiration and ideas, because doing so seems to drain the very life and joy out of this inexplicable process.
What I can share is… I always set my intention to create from a place of love and joy. Then I ask for guidance from my angels to support me. The answers come and can be surprising. I find once I have opened myself up to the unlimited creativity that the Universe offers me; inspiration flows freely.

2.How long did it take to write and illustrate EVIDENCE OF ANGELS?

The inspiration to write a book about angels came to me over ten years ago.
I began creating the artwork for the book with an entirely different manuscript in hand. After a year or so, I stopped working on it because I could feel the book wasn’t ready to be written. Several years later, I intuitively knew I was meant to resume the project; through a series of life altering events and my own spiritual journey, EVIDENCE OF ANGELS slowly took form. The bulk of the work took 3 years.

3.Are your photographs digitally manipulated?

I notice people are very interested in the process involved in creating the artwork for my books and I understand the curiosity underlying the question. When I was child I’d often ask my parents how photographs I came across were achieved. My parents always said, “trick photography.” I spent many hours trying to discover exactly what, “trick photography” could possibly entail; it sounded slightly dangerous and wonderful.
Traditional photography is the primary tool I use to create my artwork of the “Unseen World.” I was trained in the “old school” method of photography (or pre-digital revolution). My goal is create work, that conveys an organic feeling and, in order to do this, I rely mostly on traditional methods. I do incorporate a variety of other mediums, (such as my paintings and found objects/textures, etc.) in order to produce images, which communicate representations of the angels that have come to me.

4.What is the, “Unseen World?”

I am fascinated by the energies in the Universe, which are difficult to see through human eyes. I imagine this is the reason why I am so attracted to creating artwork in which the “Unseen World” is depicted. The “Unseen World” coexists within the world we inhabit. Its vibrational energy is not separate from us but rather at much higher frequency than our own. This accounts for the reason why it remains invisible to most of us at this point in our evolution. There is an imperceptible life force flowing through the Universe that connects us to everything and everyone. And this life force is interconnected with the “Unseen World,” for it is the preverbal tie that binds us together.

5.How do I contact Suza?

You can e-mail me at angels[at]

6.Who are the artists that inspire you?

So many different artists working in a variety of mediums inspire me.
Here’s my short list: Sandro Botticelli, Edward Burnes-Jones, John Waterhouse, J.M.W. Turner, Maxfield Parrish, Gustav Klimt, Claude Monet, Arthur Rackham, David McKean, Terri Windling, Alan Lee, August Sander, Irving Penn, Richard Burbridge, Solve Sundsbo, and Nick Knight,

7.Are you working on any new books?

Yes, thank you for asking. I am currently working on a couple new books. All I will say for now is they involve fairytales and fairies; two subjects I love passionately.

8.Do you have any advice for aspiring artists?

The most supportive thing I can share with you is to do what you love to do.
This beautiful quote by Joseph Campbell has always resonated with me, “Follow your bliss.” I believe if one sets their intention to create from their heart, asks the Universe for guidance and releases attachment to the outcome; unlimited possibilities will appear.
One afternoon years ago, while on appointments to show my photographs for work, I was feeling discouraged. The potential clients I was showing my images to viewed them as beautiful but didn’t think they were commercially viable because they were different. I remember suddenly looking up at an old building with these words spray-painted on the wall, “Courage is being cool when the world wants you to be hot.” I knew that was a sign fromabove to keep pushing on and follow my dreams.





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