Many years ago, when I was quite young, I had a vision of an angel. Although my memories have faded with time, what remains crystal clear is the feeling of joy and peace I experienced. There was an aliveness and openness present that I found impossible to explain.

My curiosity has often lead me to question why I am so compelled to create artwork which depicts an Unseen World; a world inhabited by non-physical beings who are connected to us on a deep and meaningful level. I have come to believe my visitation from the angel gave me the clarity to communicate important messages to others.

The words of the late Joseph Campbell come to mind “Follow your bliss,” which is exactly how I feel while creating these images. It is truly a gift.

Overall, I define my work as a portal into the mystical and magical Unseen World. My desire is to create images that ask questions like... "What if fairies really do exist?” or "What if there is an angel standing beside me?" The answers to these questions can’t be found through the intellect, but rather in a much deeper place inside of you. We must all look into our hearts for the truth.


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