Myth: A tale of sorts about a person or thing having an imaginary or unverifiable existence... Welcome to the hidden world of MYTH.COM; a place where mythology, fairytales, and folklore are reinterpreted for modern times. These tales possess incredible gifts that unfold for those who are ready to receive their invaluable lessons. Myths and fairytales unlock a portal to an unseen world filled with a menagerie of mystery and magic; transporting us to places far beyond our comprehension. 

It has become clear to me, on what continues to be an awe inspiring life journey, the things that remain "unseen" emanate more power and majesty than those things I see and touch, everyday. I realize now there is an undetectable yet very strong connection between myths and ourselves...a connection, which evokes the true essence of who we are... our spirit.

All myths tell the story of the hero’s journey: from the perils of despair and darkness to reigning triumphant while overcoming all obstacles. These stories are about hope and love in the face of daunting and frightening times. There are creative forces that exist outside us just as prominently as they do inside every cell of our being.


With guidance and awareness, we can learn to connect with our own personal myth; to align ourselves with the promptings of our soul and, ultimately, to create an authentically powered self.

I look forward to reading about your own spiritual journeys and experiences with guides and angels from the Unseen World. I hope you will join me in creating a community that supports the elevation of consciousness of all people throughout the world.





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